Last Man Standing

Obj:   Eliminate the opposing team's medic and then the rest of your opponents.


Each team picks a medic who is the only player capable of respawning teammates back into the game.

Obj:   The team that reaches a pre-determined amount of kills first wins. Players on each team try to kill their opponent as quickly as possible.

Obj:   Secure hardpoints for more time than your opponent.

Truly a game where seconds matter. Three hardpoints are on the field.  Secure them to start your team's timer and stop your opponent's timer. 

Securing two out of three "hard points" wins the game.

Obj:   Be the last person standing and win the game.


One of the few individual orientated games we play.  Usually the last game of a session as a cool down.

Players have one minute to find a safe starting point on the field. Then it's every person for themselves.

It is a rare 'one-shot, one-kill' game.


Obj: Survive the infection.


A 5-minute timed survival game. The game starts with one infected player, as the infection spreads it will be harder to survive. Obtain big damage weapons to make your chances better.


Obj:   Capture as many hardpoints as possible.


Three headquarters are located on the field. However, in order to capture one, it must be online. Once it goes online, you have 20 seconds to capture it for a point for your team.

Obj:   Safely get to the extraction point with as much money as possible.


A timed game of two rounds; cops and robbers. Open as many safes and put the money in the bag. Make sure to make a run for the extraction point or risk losing it all. Whichever team steals more money wins.


Game Modes


Team Deathmatch
Gun Games

Obj: Get kills to upgrade your weapon. Most kills win.

Every time you kill someone you will upgrade your weapon. Pistols will downgrade opponents. The player with the most kills when the time runs out wins.


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